Friday, June 22, 2012

Customizable Camping Meal Planner

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Make packing & preparing food a snap

Our little family of four will be making our first camping trip of the season next weekend (FINALLY!), so I have camping on the brain. Anyone who has camped, or organized a trip knows that a lot of pre-planning work goes into it. So much so, that by the time you actually get to the campground, you've definitely earned a vaca!

Before we go for a weekend trip, I always try to jot down some meals we might prepare. Then when I go to the grocery store, I grab all the necessary ingredients... well most of them anyway. Once we're at the campground, I usually realize that I forgot the teriyaki sauce for the chicken or butter for the campfire sandwiches.

But never again! I'm committed to having a good plan from now on and hopefully reducing my pre and during camping stress. I created this customizable weekend camping trip planner. It's PDF document with editable fields, so I can change up the food selection each trip if I'm feeling  a bit daring.

I know this will be a good tool for my quest in organizing, so I'm also making it available to anyone that also thinks they will benefit from it. Download here (under "file" select "download").

  • Top section - name the meal
  • Middle section - list all the ingredients that go into preparing the meals named above. This section is particularly helpful in both grocery shopping and packing the food up.
  • Bottom section - just the little things that help make our food yummy

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