Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Table Runner

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Custom Home Decor!

I'll start by saying that I'm a sewer, a garment sewer to be exact. I appreciate the art of quilting but haven't really gotten into it. I live in Minnesota so I LOVE a warm quilt but where would I put them all?! So I decided I will begin by treading lightly. How about a table runner? I can stash a couple dozen of those in the space a quilt occupies! Rather than reinvent the wheel, I found this free table runner instruction. Overall it was spot on, but the binding was a bit trickier than it lead on. 

It was this project that I discovered the walking foot. That's how I made all of those nice even, straight lines. I love it and can't wait to use the walking foot on my fall table runner that is in progress! If you haven't used one, you have to check it out. It's a bit spendy, so I was lucky that to borrow my mom's. Thanks mom!

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