Saturday, November 17, 2012

Diaper/Wipe Travel Clutch

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Diaper/Wipe Travel Clutch

Consider this for your next unique baby gift.  I made one for myself and liked it so much that I made another for my husband's cousin who had a sweet baby girl. Because of it, I was asked to make 4 more for others' baby gift giving! 

The clutches are about 9" x 12", lined with a coordinating fabric, have a button closure, wrist strap, and two front pockets. They nicely accommodate a travel case of wipes 4/5 diapers, and small extras (travel size powders and creams, nuks, and such).

It's particularly handy when you're out-n-about and don't want to lug the entire diaper bag into the restroom. It also fits nicely in my hobo bag, so I throw it in there when making a trip to the grocery store (not bringing anything is like playing Russian roulette!)

$15, S/H extra

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