Monday, August 27, 2012

Upcycled Jewelry Cabinet Organizer

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New home for earrings, necklaces & scarves

Upcycle an old bathroom cabinet for $30ish

Is this a steal of a deal or what?! The biggest investment was my time, but for this project I did have to purchase:
  • an old but good solid wood bathroom cabinet for just $12
  • new hardware for about another $5
  • fabric to line the inside cost $10
  • hooks, wire and upholstery tacks for the interior was probably about $5
Cabinet before its makeover

Other items I used but had on hand were:
  • Hand sander
  • Sand paper
  • Wood stain (I used two 2 shades on the doors)
  • Varnish
  • Foam brushes

What did I do to take it from drab to fab?
  1. Cabinet after its makeover
    Sprayed it down, cleaned it up
  2. Removed all hardware and doors
  3. Sanded down the main cabinet and doors with course paper
  4. Applied first coat of stain
  5. Sanded down the main cabinet and doors with finer sand paper
  6. Applied stain for second time
  7. Applied 2 coats of varnish over the course of 2 days
  8. Lined the interior with velour type fabric with spray adhesive
  9. Added hooks to hang necklaces and formed gold wire to hang earrings
  10. Put the doors and handles back on
  11. Hung it on the wall in our room and admired it
  12. Joyfully filled it with my accessories that had been sprawled out over our dresser
  13. Hung scarves strewn in my closet on the handy dandy dowel beneath the cabinet
  14. Again sat back admired my hard work :)
Stain striping the doors
I decided to get a little creative with the doors. I did a little experimenting on the inside of the door first where later I could cover up all the "testing" with fabric. Using a ruler and Exacto knife, I scored the door in diagonal lines. This step was important in order create that crisp separation between the 2 stain colors, otherwise the stains tended to bleed in to one another.
Earrings hang tidy around empty baby food jars.

I love, love, love this upcyled bathroom cabinet - I can SEE all my options and since the earrings are paired up and the necklaces have enough room to hang freely, I don't spend 5 minutes trying to find matchers and untangling a mess! For my hoop-type earrings that don't hang well, I hung them around the top of a baby food jar (I seriously have to have a post about the many uses for baby food jars!).

*If you're a criminal viewing this, you can see I'm not very fancy so it's not worth your time to break-n-enter :)

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