Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's a Pretty Pink Party!

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Birthday girl in her custom made pink birthday tutu and headband with the proudest mommy around :)
Dessert & Gift Table with 1st Year Slideshow.

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Doll!

  • Handcrafted tutu birthday Onesie - $10.00
  • Treat bags - $10.00
  • Homemade cake and cupcakes with pearls and sprinkles - $8.00
  • 9 Helium Balloons - $4.00
  • Pink fabric $3.00
  • #1 Pom-Pom Decoration - $2.00
  • Celebrating my daughter's 1st birthday with friends and family in a very pink way  - PRICELESS!
I had good intentions for posting all the fun photos from my daughter's 1st birthday blast immediately after it was over... but I was tired... really tired... 

Now I'm recovered and am enthusiastically sharing party ideas! Photos and brief descriptions of the extravaganza are below. If you have questions about making/arranging anything you see, please don't hesitate to tell me and I'll share what I know!

Preparing for the Party:
(with a little help of my super amazing husband)

For the backdrop 2 pieces of lattice were hung - our garage isn't very pretty! I draped 2 tables cloth I had on hand, and for the table runners I bought a cheap remnant piece of velour pink fabric and cut a couple narrow strips.

The dessert table offered guests pearl and sprinkle covered chocolate and strawberry cupcakes, strawberry wafers, or jello-angel food cake - YUM!
The cupcake stand was spruced up with leftover tulle by simply knotting pieces around part of the frame and fluffing.

Guest of honor had her own ball shaped dig in cake. I filled (2) small, round pyrex bowls 1/3 full and baked. When cooled, both cakes were leveled to the same height. Frosting was then slathered on the wider side of one cake and the other cake was set on top. It was finished with star tips, white pearls and pink sprinkles.

Every princess deserves a birthday throne! I traced the highchair cover to make a simple pattern, and stitch two cream colored fabric pieces back-to-back. For the ruffle I cut a really long 5" strip, made a basting stitch down the middle, pulled the top thread and VIOLA - a pretty ruffle. Then it got even easier... I put the cream cover on the highchair and used hot glue to adhere the ruffle.

The beverage wagon included pink lemonade and water. This cart is very special to me as it was made by my grandpa, so I try to use it on special occasions. My hubby cut a board to fit across the top. I used some more of the pink velour fabric to cover it.
Guests sipped their beverages out of pink straws in mason jars borrowed  from my awesome mom. Pink ribbon wound around the center of the jar, then overlapped and adhered the ends together with a dab of hot glue. Squeezed another dab of glue on top of the ribbon to add the "1" cupcake medallion - Download pdf here to print your own!

 Tables were decorated with paisley pink and white table covers. Balloons were also weighted down by a baby food jar but filled with pink and purple Mike & Ike candies (I received a ton free from work :)

Coffee filter flower center pieces with a floral stem were stuffed into a fabric filled baby jar (I knew I was keeping those for something!). I used this tutorial to make them, but I used diluted paint rather than dye to color them.

Treat bags, or "goodie" bags as my son refers to them, for the kids matched the rest of the party. White lunch bags were decorated with the cupcake medallion and pink ribbon. The bag was filled with small but fun things like homemade play dough, bag of candy, note pad and stickers.
Mmmmm................. Princess LOVES cake!


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate her 1st birthday! Love all the pink!

    1. Thanks Beth! I was bummed about her being 1 already, so all the party planning and making decorations was kind of therapeutic and got me just a little bit excited ;)