Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reusable Contribution Chart for your Kid!

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Shade completed tasks with a dry erase marker

Because everyone has something to give!

When I came across this, I knew our home had to have it. We’ve been kicking around ways to appoint our son responsibility and appropriately reward him for his efforts. This chart fits the bill. I found it on the Sutton Graceblog, and you can download the customizable chart here . Someone please hit the EASY button!  

Steps for the Contribution/Chore Chart
  1. Print the chart 
  2. Make it reusable.  Here are a couple options (let me know if you have more ideas!)
    • Laminate it, or 
    • Frame it
I went with option B. I used an old picture frame I had in the crawl space, fun polka dot fabric I had in my stash, and decoupage. The fabric was cut into 2.5” strips then decoupage was applied to the frame and fabric in short sections. Let it dry completely.
     3. Add the chart to frame and VWOLLA – something functional and fun for you child. 
     4. Find dry erase marker (scored one in the back of the junk drawer) 
     5. Get to work!

Who knew work could be so much fun? My son was so excited about it, he ran downstairs to get the broom and sweep the floor!

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